If we follow through from our intentions to contribute by way of clear choices and adaptable action, our impact will be felt and seen.

When our impact doesn’t line up with our intentions, we commit to making new choices and taking new actions. 

This is a journey, and here’s what that journey looks like:

  • Through yoga, we lean into integrity.

    • We take a stand in our industry to address important issues and to communicate with you, our community. We ask tough questions and seek real answers. We strive to cultivate a safe space where everyone who comes can truly come as they are. We consider equity in our business planning, and we weigh our care for you and our care for the business evenly. We are committed to creating a business that is ethical, accessible, and impactful. Together as a community we lean into learning and embrace our evolution.

  • Change is necessary for growth,

    • and as long as we consider change as the emergence of a bigger vision, we stay connected to the importance of staying open and flexible.

  • None of us can do this alone,

    • but together we can actually shift things-- right here, right now, in Athens, Georgia, our shared home.

the Path Forward:

What does all this mean for Shakti?

  • We are an environment for radical honesty, acceptance, and growth

  • We honor yoga as an ancient, sacred practice

  • Come as you are, for real for real

  • No body-shaming, no money-shaming, no shaming

  • We stand behind a simple pricing structure that supports equity and accessibility

  • We engage with clear communication about WHAT and WHY, our ethics, and real life stuff

  • Our business probably isn’t for everyone. It can’t be and doesn’t need to be, and if we aren’t where you choose to practice, we are still incredibly grateful that you chose to enter our space at all, and we hope you find a community where you can connect and grow

  • We get to live into our values, unapologetically

A Bold Request

What does all this mean for you?

First, let’s remember that we’re all doing the best we can with what we’ve got, and while we are resilient and determined enough to get shit done alone, we get a hell of a lot more shit done when we do it together.

Join us in the work, show up, ask more questions, get connected to each other and to our team, hold each other accountable, have tough conversations, welcome one another, make the choice to be part of this community, move things forward.

There are three themes of Baptiste Methodology

  1. Be a Yes

  2. Give up what you must

  3. Come From You Are Ready Now

We are a yes for community, transparency, integrity and responsibility. 

We give up hesitation, and WE commit to sharing.

We are ready to communicate clearly and move forward with purpose.

Thank you for helping us move things forward with SHAKTI energy.

Thank you for trusting us. 

Thank you for holding space for us. 

We see you.

Thank you to the people who have ever helped make Shakti Yoga Athens and this work possible: Ruby Chandler, Sheila Chandler, Molly Chandler, Lauren Farina, Kelly Farina Carter, Mary Nell Roberts, Jake Reuse, Kate Moore, Julie Reuse, Maggie Scruggs, Emily Unwin, Berry Galazka, Jordan Gonzalez, Katie Waters, all our teachers, assists, and desk staff from 2017-now, Amy Lawrence, Teena Wilhelm, and Rachel Ricketts.