Shakti Athens creates community through authentic connection. We are joyfully committed to showing up with power yoga that inspires a vibrant and empowered life.

Power Yoga is a vigorous practice in a heated space that facilitates the union of breath and movement. When we allow the breath to fuel our practice it enables us to strengthen the body, quiet the mind, and energize the Shakti within.  Our 85 degree room promotes increased flexibility and generates lots of sweat so we can release what holds us back, on and off the mat.

This practice is challenging and leaves yogis feeling energized, uplifted, and centered.

*At Shakti we are actively committed to questioning bias, blind spots, and unconscious discrimination through inquiry within and outside of the Shakti team. Shakti teachers commit to acting in allyship for POCs and marginalized communities. We are committed to showing up and stepping into discomfort in order to open the closed doors that house internal bias and discrimination.


My dream is for shakti to be a place for you to come home to.

Shakti Power Yoga is the yoga home I fell in love with. Shakti sparked a fire within me in Nashville, Tennessee... So when I moved to Athens in 2015 I came looking for yoga that empowers, inspires + connects. The playful challenge of power yoga was missing, and I embraced the joy of bringing Shakti to our vibrant community.

Shakti is a place for Presence, Purpose, & Possibility. We have a lot of fun + we talk about real-life stuff that matters. We share a beautiful space where we can all show up as we are, get really sweaty, and go home shining... every single day.

I am so glad you're here.

- Shakti Love, Ruby

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When you Yoga at Shakti you will:

  • Cultivate relationship with your body

  • Be an integral piece of our community

  • Experience a full-body, challenging, cardiovascular workout

  • Sharpen your ultimate super power: your concentration and focus

  • Learn to breathe easier, shift your perspective, & lean into gratitude

  • Build lasting and sustainable strength

  • Improve flexibility

  • Enhance stamina and endurance

  • Improve posture & spinal health

  • Reduce stress

  • Sweat!

    A few of our classes are practiced with less heat. Look for Revival, Restorative and iRest on the schedule for less external temperature.