Spya core values


Show up






2019 Studio Intentions 

For 2019 we choose to cultivate Courage, Connection, & Community.

You'll hear us talk about each as we grow. It starts with Courage... Brene Brown says 'Courage starts by showing up and letting ourselves be seen.'
Courage means we are committed to stepping outside our bubble in order to see & be seen. Meaningful connection happens when we are willing to be courageous. It isn't always easy to connect, but it is simple-- we just have to practice it. Meaningful connection means being open to the moment & caring about the person right in front of you. Our intention of Community goes beyond the walls of the studio. Community is a byproduct when we are intentionally courageous and we consistently connect! True community is sustained by our efforts; it's an action verb, just like love.

We are exited to grow together in Courage, Connection, & Community.
What do courage, connection, & community mean to you? How do we practice them?
How do we get there? When do we know when it's happening?