We make the choice to give back to our greater Athens community

as a Shakti community, with your help and support.

We started giving exclusively to the Get Comfortable Fund at the start of 2018’s Fall Term. This choice came from the desire to contribute to Athens as our home. As a business, we are asked to give in a lot of ways to a lot of entities. We are always up for giving yoga to raffles and organizations, but now we give monetarily with exclusivity to the Get Comfortable Fund.

Making an impact requires having a direction.

We live by the notion that ‘Consistency is honesty.’

our partnership to Get Comfy is for you to know how your yoga studio gives back, and how you give back just by showing up.

The Get Comfortable Fund is a non-profit established by Creature Comforts Brewery with the intention to do the same thing:

To give back in a way that is consistent, honest, and clear for the business, for the patrons, and for the community. 

We believe that discomfort emerges whenever needs go unmet. So in 2015, we created the Get Comfortable campaign in order to align the local business community to resource those agencies addressing our community’s most pressing needs. (12)

- Creature Comforts

Some stats that they share include,

  • 1 In 3 children in Athens-Clarke County grows up in poverty.

  • The poverty rate in Athens (35%) is double the state of GA.

  • Athens-Clarke County was given "Persistent Poverty" designation by U.S. Census.

  • 1 in 5 people in Athens-Clarke County is food insecure.

To us, being part of the Get Comfortable initiative means being up to something bigger than our every day routine.

It means making the conscious choice to see a need and step up to help fill that need.

We commit to continuing our Get Comfy classes.

These classes are a $10 drop in, and 50% of proceeds go directly to the Get Comfortable Fund.

We commit to keeping Shakti x Get Comfy merch available for purchase.

These are tees, tanks, and sweatshirts printed by Satisfactory Printing that give 30% of profits to the Get Comfortable Fund.

We commit to making all studio events donation-driven.

This means that our events outside the studio are accessibly priced (usually $10) and 50-100% of proceeds go to Get Comfy.

We commit to including you and keeping you informed of our collective contribution to the Get Comfortable Fund. 

We commit to giving back with our time,

and by Summer 2020, we will organize a Shakti community volunteer project to partner with a Get Comfortable active receiving agency.