The Shakti Shine - September 30, 2019

Shakti Love Notes 

We are always growing. I love that! And the more I grow, the more I recognize how important it is for us all to share what we're going through-- even (and especially) me.

So these Love Notes are a space for me to share with you each week-- about the studio, my life, how our community is growing.

All of a sudden I'm in a full force spiral and I see it happening as it happens.

I was sitting on a dock on Lake Blue Ridge soaking up the late September sun on a Thursday, and if you had asked me I *should have* been feeling calm, at ease, peaceful, happy...

But here's the reality:
I was none of those things.

In fact the text message reads like this:
"Today feels like a mental spiral.
I feel like my business is inevitably going to fail, I will never have an adventurously satisfying relationship, I won't ever make enough money to retire or to even buy a house, and I am incapable of successfully forging meaningful relationships with my family members.

is that dramatic?"


Honestly I didn't think it was dramatic until I wrote it down. In my mind it sounded totally reasonable.
Bad business? Of course. Never enough money? Right. Relationships will self-destruct? Certainly.

I was caught in that loop from the time I woke up that morning-- I felt it slowly unfurl as I opened my eyes and started my day-- so by the time I reached out I had devoted at least 4 hours to playing and replaying my life's doom on the screen in my mind. By the time I reached out it didn't feel dramatic-- it felt true. AND those tapes are reruns for me, so I recognized them right away. I knew I was 'off.' And yet one thought led to the next and before I knew it... I'm the biggest lame-o failure unlovable piece of incompetence in the world.

(It makes me laugh as I write this)

Thankfully the texts back read:
"I feel you, Rubes. We r gonna be just fine."
"It's very helpful to know that these feelings will pass"

"Y'all are the most capable and self empowered people that I know" (bc I also learned that I wasn't the only person feeling this way on this day- helpful!)
and later
"rubes how r u"

It didn't go away immediately, but a few days later now it feels like a fog has been lifted. Thank goodness for my friends for rallying me through!

Thank goodness for me for reaching out.

Something I love most about my adult life is how dynamic life is, which is only truly enjoyable because of the people I have around doing life with, alongside, and nearby me. Being honest and consistent in communication with my friends & close family keeps me feeling like I'm on a team- like WE ARE ALL IN THIS TOGETHER.

When I'm feeling some type of way it doesn't do the trick to hang out in my head. Those thoughts rob me of presence, hope & connection.

What I recognized last week that does help is...
deep breaths
reaching out to friends
putting the thoughts & feelings into real words
lunch with my grandmother (surprisingly!)
lots of love & compassion

Doing life is a practice of resilience, and taking care of myself is an act of big-picture love. And when I take action to be with and move through the spirals I get new vitality, deeper connection, and JOY.


Beyond the mat...

We love Athens.
And we love you.
So let's have more of that-- together.

Here's where you can see what we're up to outside of the studio.

Have ideas about where we should be / what we should check out / how we can show up?
Reply to this email to let us know.


10 sessions / $10 per session
10 people max per session

Igniting - Thursday, Oct 3 - 7-8pm 
Stability - Sunday, Oct 6 - 7-8pm

This is for you if...

+ you're curious about Baptiste yoga (the yoga @ Shakti)
+ you want to get the most out of your practice!
+ you're curious about fundamentals

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Shakti Beach Retreat

Gulf Shores, Alabama
November 1-4, 2019

Join Shakti Athens & Nashville for a weekend to rest, relax, and renew your mind, body, and spirit. We will have daily morning meditation, yoga, and plenty of time to play and rest. This weekend is a time to disconnect with all of the external distractions (even our phones for a bit) and to soak up and connect with the ever present beauty around you.


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Heartfelt: a weekend away with Kate and Ruby / Nov 22-24

This is a weekend of sweat, connection, and growth. Each day you can expect to enjoy breakfast, yoga, discussion, nature, meditation, group workout, and delicious, fresh and local nourishment.

Self-love and self-work is a practice that is never-ending, but continually gratifying. This will be a time for you to connect and rejuvenate with like-hearted humans. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to come back to this work often and to deepen your understanding of and connection to your most authentic self with love and affection.

Learn More / Sign Up - Only 2 spots left!

Inquiry Corner w/ Emily

We're moving IC to IGTV and the blog, but we'll always give you a teaser here.

Emily, a Registered Dietitian, will be discussing diet culture, intuitive eating, and answering all of your questions about foods and nutrition over the next IGTV series.

Reply to this email with any questions you would like her to cover!

Meet the Shakti Team!

Angela Burgess

Why do you teach at Shakti?

I admire the strong community and support I get to be a part of each time I enter the space, whether I'm practicing or teaching. Shakti encourages authenticity, empowerment, and commitment not only to ourselves, but to each other and the wider community. I get to have fun and make a difference and that makes me happy.

How do you honor the roots of a yoga practice in your every day life?

*Learning to honor this ancient tradition is a work in progress and will be for the rest of my life. I recognize and honor that yoga is an ancient tradition/system that encompasses more than just the physical poses. Yoga is a way of living. I spend a lot of time reading about the path of yoga and I acknowledge there is so much more to the practice than I will ever be able to know. I honor all the teachers who have gone before me, who have paved the way for me to be able to learn and practice. I approach my practice with humility and awe and take it day by day so I can learn how to be present with the lessons I am discovering both on and off my mat. I am not in a rush to get anywhere with yoga. I honor yoga by living my yoga, and recognizing it's all a work in progress.

What kind of teacher do you strive to be?

Humble, Compassionate, Inclusive, Honest, Friendly, Radiant, Inspiring. I strive to be the kind of teacher/guide who holds a safe space for all who enter the room. I encourage students to ask questions and empower themselves. I strive to offer a nice balance between a strong physical practice and deep relaxation/restoration. I like to have fun!

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Spider Medicine
by Angela Burgess




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