We make the choice to honor and respect this sacred practice that we get to share with you. 

The yoga we are most familiar with in Western culture is the physical practice, asana, but by definition yoga is a group of physical, mental, and spiritual practices that originated in Northern India over 5,000 years ago. (3)

There’s a lot to unpack about yoga. The practice has a densely woven, imperfect history that (now) spreads throughout the world.

We commit to being in the work to honor and dig in to the extensive history of yoga around the world, bringing attention to its sacredness, injustice, and appropriation.

We commit to being in the practice of appreciation for the transformational and comprehensive offerings of yoga, while at the same time choosing to bring you yoga in a way that relates to our modern age.

At Shakti we practice power yoga, and align with the principles of Baptiste Methodology, an 80+ year old practice founded by Walt Baptiste (he/him), and developed and carried on by his son, Baron Baptiste (he/him).

“The Baptiste Institute and Baptiste Yoga exist to disrupt the drift. We awaken and empower human beings to live in wholeness and full potencia as a moment to moment experience.

We support the masses in discovering their purpose and provide structures to follow it.

We are here to alter what is possible for ALL people.”

At Shakti we resonate with Baptiste Power Yoga as it is an intuitive practice, one that does not enforce any set of absolute rules. Students get all the benefits of traditional methods of yoga while still leaving room for creativity and play.

It is the mission of Baptiste Power Yoga (and Shakti Athens) to make yoga accessible to anyone, from any background, looking for total physical, mental and emotional transformation. It is for everybody, no matter what level of fitness. It is purposefully challenging and active so that it can catapult students from wherever they are right now to whole new thresholds of physical and mental power. What we love most about Baptiste Power Yoga is that it honors yoga as more than a physical practice.

We practice Journey into Power as an access to vitality, power, and freedom. 

We practice meditation as an access to getting present and awakening, 

and we engage in inquiry as an access to discovery and new possibilities.

Movement, meditation, and inquiry are the pillars of practice through which we are participants in life, ready to learn, grow and evolve. 

We are here to disrupt the drift.

By August 2019, you will be able to read the ways in which each member of our team honors the sacred practice of yoga in their daily lives. We commit to sharing the roots of this practice with awareness and accountability, steering clear of cultural appropriation-- the act of taking or using things from a culture that is not your own, especially without showing that you understand or respect this culture (4)-- owning when we mess up, and stepping forward with new information. For example, by August 2019, we commit to replacing the dreamcatcher with a locally made macrame, because we realize and acknowledge the harm in using such a sacred artifact without the proper education and in a location where it is often touched by (dirty) feet. The relic is sacred, has not been properly or regularly identified and appreciated as such in our predominantly white space, and we are making the choice to stop harming. We will continue to use IGTV as a resource for digging deeper into the history and philosophy of yoga and will explore additional avenues to share resources and information to call attention to and honor the sacred practice of yoga.

We commit to being in the work, checking our privilege at the door, and taking action from the foundational principles of yoga with our roots in Baptiste methodology.