the space you hold is sacred

Holding space is one of the greatest responsibilities we have as human beings. Not only do we walk on this earth holding space in the sphere of infinitesimally small particles that make up the atmosphere, displacing and rearranging particles with our mass as we go. We also hold space in many other forms.

We hold space in our minds for the things and notions we believe to be true.

We hold space for our loved ones, carving time out of our ridiculously busy schedules.

We hold space in our hearts–-sometimes waiting for other beings to encamp in our love, other times protecting those slivers of love we are not quite ready to use.

We hold space in our routines, preserving personal rituals and prioritizing our favorite little habits and hobbies.

We hold space for our Self, the center of growth and flourishing, creativity and thriving.

We hold space for strangers without even realizing, every gaze met is space held.

Our role as space-holders is unavoidable. Holding space is what we were designed to do. Still, the space that we hold is always fluctuating, always fluid. The amount of space we are willing to hold ebbs and flows with our lives–our environments, our emotions, our age. How we distribute the space that we are willing to hold also flows on a daily basis–more space for Self, more space for strangers, more space for comfort. The idea is not a perfectly ideal picture of holding enormous space in all areas all the time. The idea is a messy, brilliant exploration of this remarkable responsibility. The idea is consciousness-–realizing how and when and where and why you are holding this space in this moment, every moment–-recognizing how and when and where and why this space where you are right now desperately needs you to hold it, to be present to it. The idea is an act of giving to receive, getting empty to fill up.

Holding space is a practice, really, just as all particularly special and innate responsibilities are a practice. Truly holding space and tuning into what that looks like in each moment is a practice of Grace. It requires a willingness to openness. It fosters humility so rich and so lush that Love shines through in a brand new way.

Holding space often requires listening, and it propels us to accept while allowing all judgement to melt away. Learning to hold space is a radiant skill. As we learn, we become beacons of irresistible light for all creation. We shine Divine. The Grace of holding space rejuvenates; it cleanses and heals and makes us happy. Holding space is a choice-–one that we must make time and time and time again. Wherever we go, that is where we are to be–-to be space-holders, givers, lovers.

Slow down.

Take a full, deep inhale. Even longer exhale.

Drop into this moment.


Notice the space you are holding. Notice what it feels like under your breath. Notice the rhythm of your heartbeat as it drives you forward. Notice the urges and impulses that are unexplainable but so so truthful.

Reflect on this practice. Be open to those moments when you are called forth as a shining beacon to hold space for a friend, a stranger, yourself. Be okay with whatever this looks like. Be okay with putting your ‘really important tasks’ to the side. Be okay with silencing your mind and sincerely listening to the person beside you. Be okay with waiting when the cashier is having a difficult time. Be okay with altering your ideals. Be okay with being, giving, holding space.

Notice the sensation, the feeling, that arises. Notice the peace that settles in your chest when you observe the way you do your duty as a space-holder. Notice the love that exudes from your skin. Notice the Grace that showers you. Notice the Grace that showers everyone and everything around you. Hold your space freely and truly. Hold it honest and easy. Hold it pure. This space that you hold is Sacred. It is holy. It is Divine and anointed. Only you can hold this space. Only you.

Ruby Chandler