The Shakti Shine - February 11, 2019

Shakti Love Notes 

We are always growing. I love that! And the more I grow, the more I recognize how important it is for us all to share what we're going through-- even (and especially) me.

So these Love Notes are a space for me to share with you each week-- about the studio, my life, how our community is growing.

I know what I want.

I remember a time when if you asked me to describe myself 'indecisive' was at the top of the list. There were moments when I felt paralyzed by simple choices, and I often felt overwhelmed if there were too many options (ie more than 3).

When I was 14 my mom had Molly and I take a personality work-style assessment with one of her clients from her hair salon. Genie, the woman who distributed the test, reported that I was an 'Assessor' work style. I recall that she shared about the assessors ability to weed through options with intention, understanding & clarity.

I remember thinking, "Ok, lady, whatever you say, but it takes me 30 minutes to pick out a movie at Movie Time Video, so maybe instead of telling me all the ways this is great and how it will make me an excellent leader one day, could you tell me how to pick out a movie in under 10 minutes? That's the kind of answer I'm looking for. Keep talking, though."

The truth is that this was the first time what I called 'indecision' was being explained to me as a strength, and I was intrigued.

Being the type-A, first-born that I was (and still am) this news was both enlightening and evermore paralyzing. Now I've been told that I have a challenging time making decisions because I'm good at it? Now I have to make the best decisions to prove that I really am good at making thoughtful decisions. The pressure was on.

And at the same time, I actually did feel more free knowing this extra piece about myself.

Fast forward through thousands of hours on a yoga mat, minutes meditating, lots of journaling and many months worth of self-study, and (it's a miracle) I feel empowered in my decision-making.... most days.

I've practiced a lot. And taken a lot of quick risks that gave me little time to think and forced me to trust my gut at decision-making. (Ask me about the quick risk of moving to Athens in two weeks notice to live with my boyfriend who had always been a constant presence but never a big committer or about the quick risk of opening a business from concept to creation in 7 months or about all the little quick risks of giving people the benefit of the doubt in the moment and meeting angels along the way.)

I had to let go of a lot of fear to get here. I was (and still am) afraid of disappointing someone; afraid of doing wrong; afraid of looking dumb. And I had to start noticing. As I started noticing what I lean toward, both figuratively and literally, I took notes.

So now I know.

I know my fears-- not being liked; my strengths-- putting things into action with creativity and order; my weaknesses-- time management; my sanity-- long walks alone; my pleasures-- hot showers, cooking for friends, live music.

I know what I want because I know myself more than I ever have.

It's really like being a good friend to myself. And when I put it that way, what a simple decision to make. To listen to, care for, & love a good friend.


Beyond the mat...

We love Athens.
And we love you.
So let's have more of that-- together.

Here's where you can see what we're up to outside of the studio.

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Get Comfortable 2019 Launch
Time to make a difference in 2019! We helped Creature launch this year's campaign and we are elated to do yoga AND get to support our community in a bigger way. Check out Get Comfortable.

this week:
Self-Care month
February is the time to focus on (truly) giving some TLC to yourself. We're here to remind you of that. So make sure you follow us on Instagram & Facebook. And start thinking.... What do I do for me? What can I do for me? ... Get ready to make time for yourself.

Galentine's Day: The Ultimate Gal's Night Out @ The Graduate
Wednesday, February 13th, 6-9pm
It's probably our favorite event of the year~ come hang, play, get glittered, yoga, eat a cupcake, SHINE!!! ($10)
Grab your spot!

Partner Yoga for Valentine's
Practice with us because we love you <3
Join Ruby for a special partner power hour @ 12pm and Maggie for a partner ShaktiStrength @ 7:15pm! (Practice for Valentine's)

40 Days to Personal Revolution
Starts Sunday, February 17th, 3-4pm
Learn more & sign up!!

Self. Centered. Self Care Starts Here. @ Cheeky Peach
Monday, February 18th, 6-8pm
Make time for yourself.

Our Core Values

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.”

Courage says it’s ok to be uncomfortable, because what’s on the other side is so worth it. (Hint: it feels like Connection)


We choose Courage as one of our studio intentions for 2019 because without it, it would be impossible to grow the way we want to grow— big, full, vibrant, open, inclusive, transparent, with integrity!

One way we have already leaned into Courage this year is by getting clear about our studio core values.... Getting clear about core values is an exceptionally courageous act because it says to yourself and the world, “I know how I want to show up.” That’s powerful Courage!

What are your core values?
What are other ways you practice Courage in your life? ✨

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Showing Up is Your Power
By Lane Carrandi

The truth is, everyone is carrying something.

What if I stopped long enough to see people? To recognize their burden and invite vulnerability to empower us into liberation. It may look like waving to my neighbor, sharing a smile when embarrassingly making eye-contact with someone across the room, saying hello to someone on the mat next to me.

(It's) Showing up for myself and creating space for others.

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