The Shakti Shine - August 26, 2019

Shakti Love Notes 

We are always growing. I love that! And the more I grow, the more I recognize how important it is for us all to share what we're going through-- even (and especially) me.

So these Love Notes are a space for me to share with you each week-- about the studio, my life, how our community is growing.

They say don't sweat the small stuff...

For a while I wasn't getting as sweaty in my practice. The heat was on. I just wasn't showing much more than a glisten.

I also wasn't as excited to get on my mat. The practice was present. I just didn't feel a clear physical motivation to push.

I was showing up on my mat, taking extra good care of my body, moving swiftly to clear my mind, and then stepping into the rest of my day with barely a glint of sweaty evidence I had just practiced.

The body's amazing like that. And the practice is amazing like that, too. I needed somewhere in my life to feel like flow and my yoga practice was that flow.

In yoga we call that flow vinyasa.

That heat that I was missing? We call that tapas.

Tapas is fire. It's refining. It's clarification. It's heat from the inside out. It's that inferno feeling in your gut that lets you know you're up to some good clearing shit.

When tapas is present, there's power.

There was a moment of spark in my practice. It happened while I was at training. Warrior I built from the ground up-- feet, hips, core, fingertips-- and my front thigh was all the way parallel to the mat. The more I pressed down the more my torso lifted and the more my legs quaked. Sweat was pouring down my face, my arms, my legs. I felt my eyes get wide; I softened my gaze.

Something shifted.

The next time I came to my mat it was clear that something had changed. The same depth of Warrior I came more naturally. The effort I put in enhanced the power of the pose.

I felt grounded, expansive, tuned-in, and strong... and I was sweating.

They say don't sweat the small stuff... I disagree.

Sweat the small stuff.

That's where the magic happens. That's the training for the big stuff. That's how small stuff gets smaller and big stuff gets smaller, too.

When I sweat the small stuff, I'm doing the work.

Sweating the small stuff looks like putting in a little extra effort when I don't think I feel like it.

It's caring that I say hello to the person passing me on the sidewalk even if they don't look up.

It's telling a friend in the moment that what they just said was inappropriate.

It's picking up the pieces of trash on my afternoon walk.

It's letting myself be bothered when I had the time to practice & meditate but I just didn't.

Sweating the small stuff means there's fire present. It means there's passion and motivation and meaning. It lets me know I am a full participant in my own life. It lets me know I'm really acting in being up to something bigger than myself.

Maybe we should all sweat the small stuff more often.

Maybe the small stuff really is the big stuff.


Beyond the mat...

We love Athens.
And we love you.
So let's have more of that-- together.

Here's where you can see what we're up to outside of the studio.

Have ideas about where we should be / what we should check out / how we can show up?
Reply to this email to let us know.

(rescheduled to) Today!...
Down Dog Days of Summer
@ the Graduate
7:30pm // $10 donation for the Get Comfortable Fund

(rescheduled to) Today!...
Down Dog Days of Summer
@ the Graduate
7:30pm // $10 donation for the Get Comfortable Fund

The intention of this event is connection, community & fun!

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Happening Now...
August is Meditation Month at Shakti!

We practice meditation as an access to getting present and awakening.

As we learn & evolve, we wake up to a new way of being.



C o m i n g U p . . .



Bring your friends & sign up on MBO!

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w/ Ruby

10 sessions / $10 per session
10 people max per session

Vitality - Thursday, Sept 5 - 7-8pm
Equanimity - Sunday, Sept 8 - 12-1pm

This is for you if...

+ you're curious about Baptiste yoga (the yoga @ Shakti)
+ you want to get the most out of your practice!
+ you're curious about fundamentals

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the Leadership Retreat
w/ the Duality Project

September 14 & 15
Nashville, TN

The Leadership Retreat is a time for leaders (especially in the fitness community) to come together for personal growth, professional development and real deal community.

This is an opportunity for RYT CEU's

The weekend includes:
+ Panel discussion about how to make the wellness community inclusive
+ Setting boundaries / personal & professional
+ Clifton's Strength-Finder

There are three pricing options available as well as an option to pay-over-time.
Lodging / carpooling can be arranged.

Invite a friend from your gym or studio.
Invite your favorite instructor in town.
Share this with someone you care about.

Thank you for being here and doing the work.


Inquiry Corner w/ Emily:
Meditation Month!

Hi everyone, Emily here! If you’re new to inquiry, this looks like moving through questions, prompts, activities, and conversations that help you learn more about yourself. I’m excited you’re here!

Meditation month is here, yeehaw!

There's a lot to cover about why meditation, how meditation, what's meditation...

So, I'll be spending the month of August offering inquiry themed around meditation month.

If you'd like more info, check out our IGTV for informational videos on meditation.

*Meditation as an access to creativity.*

I recently accepted the fact that I'm a creative person. Mainly because yoga philosophy tells us that everyone is creative, everyone has something they want to make, everyone has something they can contribute.

The problem for me, is that my creativity is often blocked by my ego, my fears, my lies, my procrastinations, my fear, my ego, my fear, my ego...

Every time I sit down or make space to try something new or get creative, I feel blocked.

Meditation has helped me move around those blocks, mainly because it helps me see my thoughts for what they are: Hinderances to fun, freedom, creation, and excitement. My blocks tell me, "Everything you are writing is garbage. You're a shitty piano player. Why even draw if you aren't going to sell it?" Etc. etc.

Meditation shows me these thoughts and lets me make the choice:

Am I going to believe the bad things I say about myself?

-- Do you consider yourself a creative person? Why or why not?

-- What sort of thoughts come up when you do something new, meet new people, start a new project, sit down to create?

Homework: Try meditating before creating. Or maybe try journaling all your negative self-talk thoughts. Focus on your breath. And make something new.

Meet the Shakti Team!

*Hannah Jones*

Why do you teach at Shakti? Because Baptiste power yoga has been so good for me in my own personal growth and development. I want others to have the same tools and resources that I think are really powerful.
How do you honor the roots of a yoga practice in your every day life? + Getting on my mat when I feel stressed!
+ Acknowledging that I have learned so much from a handful of outstanding teachers who have given me an extraordinary gift.

What kind of teacher do you strive to be?>> Powerful and present <<

The Ghee Spot
w/ Katie Silcox

ep. 45 Senses Meditation:

This episode includes...

+ Learning to meditate
+ How to integrate meditation into your life
+ A guided meditation

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Ruby Chandler