The Shakti Shine - January 28, 2019

Shakti Love Notes 

We are always growing.  I love that!  And the more I grow, the more I recognize how important it is for us all to share what we're going through-- even (and especially) me.

So these Love Notes are a space for me to share with you each week-- about the studio, my life, how our community is growing.

Sometimes I say to myself "WTF is wrong with you, Ruby?" and that's not very nice.

Last week was one of those sometimes.

I caught myself stuck in a loop of "You know better than to feel this way." "It doesn't make sense for you to feel down." "It's not that bad." "WTF is even wrong with you?"

When I get this way it's realllllyyyy tough to pull myself out. It feels like a huge barrier has sprung up in my brain and a brick-by-brick dismantling is an approach beyond my comprehension. So it's like I just give up. I sit down at the base of the wall and you're better off not to try to stand me up.

My loop typically only lasts one day, and I am so grateful for that. There have been times in my life when the loop feels never-ending, though. Doing the work has helped... learning how to give up in order to give in in order to let go.

These days I can usually shake it with a solid night's sleep.

In teacher training we talk a lot about the lies we tell ourselves. This is the work I mean... For most of us the lies sound something like this....
I can't... I shouldn't... I'm stupid... I'm the worst... I am not worthy of love... I'm all alone... I have to be perfect... What the f*ck's' wrong with me?... I'm not enough.

When I get caught up in the loop, I live from a silent belief of "That's just who I am." Like when I say "WTF is wrong with you, Ruby?!" I'm really saying "I am a mess and I have to be perfect because I am not enough.; that's who I am."

Probably (definitely, absolutely, I can count some instances for you) this comes from a time when someone told me I'm a mess and/or that 'something's wrong with you.'And I chose to believe it.

So what I love about the lie-work we do in TT is that it reminds me that I've been believing I AM certain things. But when I recognize that messy is a way I was being, but it's not who I am, then I have the power to choose a new way of being. In every moment I have a choice.

In this freedom I get to take responsibility. Pull up my boot straps. Maybe still feel down, but with the knowledge that I am not stuck. And say nicer things to myself. Stop believing the lies.

It's why I stay in the work. Because 'stop believing the lies' is a life-long journey, I think.

And on the other side of every single time I stop believing the lies for even just a moment, is freedom. 

On the other side of every single time I stop believing the lies for even just a moment, is peace.

On the other side of every single time I stop believing the lies for even just a moment, is me.

Thanks for being you... the you without the lies you tell yourself. 


Beyond the mat...

We love Athens. 
And we love you.
So let's have more of that-- together.

Here's where you can see what we're up to outside of the studio.

Have ideas about where we should be / what we should check out / how we can show up?
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Shakti Spirit 
We gathered, we shared, and we moved. Gotta be honest, this monthly *free* class for women is a magical space and you just have to be there to experience it. Hope to see you there in February~
Date coming soon.

SYU Spring TT kickoff!
We are in Nashville this spring for 200 hr RYT Teacher Training! It's an 8 weekend program that runs through April. Talk to Lane, Sophie, & Lucy about how it's going! (And sign up for our 200 hr Summer Immersion in Athens...
Yes, YOU!)

this week:
 Intro to Power Yoga
w/ Maggie
Monday, January 28th - 7:15-8:15PM

This workshop is especially perfect for new yogis!
 - learn the poses
- connect with your physical foundation
- discuss WHY Power Yoga

Meditate @ Means Classroom, Benson Hall C010
Wednesdays @ 3:30pm this semester

Self-Care month
February is the time to focus on (truly) giving some TLC to yourself. We're here to remind you of that. So make sure you follow us on Instagram & Facebook. And start thinking.... What do I do for me? What can I do for me? ... Get ready to make time for yourself.

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Self-Care Starts Here.
Shakti x Cheeky Peach
February 18th, 6-8PM

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Leadership Team 


Olivia: “I don’t just want to connect with the people I know from the studio on a deeper level. I want to connect with new people, and I think everyone could go to that next level with people.”
Molly: “I want more diversity of people. If you have all of the pie pieces then everyone feels like that have a part. I feel like Shakti can be a place for everyone and sometimes it’s just hard to reach different parts of the community.”

read more from Molly & Olivia

March 18, 6-8pm @ Shakti
the Duality Project Presents...

This 101 workshop is an opportunity to come together to have sacred and spiritual conversation about race and racism, acknowledge white privilege, prioritize POC voices and actively contribute to lasting, effective social change.
The evening includes:

  • curated discussion and education on anti-racism, internalized oppression and addressing whiteness/white supremacy,

  • brave space to share our hurts/struggles/frustration regarding race and gender,

  • intentional journalling + groupwork to unpack our blind spots,

  • transformative breathwork to release and let go, and

  • guided meditation to ground.

Open to all hue-mans, especially White folks wanting to learn how they can better support POCs, POCs seeking help healing internalized oppression and all those seeking spiritual tools + practices to assist in committing to anti-racism.

do the work

Ruby Chandler