The Shakti Shine - May 6th, 2019

Shakti Love Notes 

We are always growing. I love that! And the more I grow, the more I recognize how important it is for us all to share what we're going through-- even (and especially) me.

So these Love Notes are a space for me to share with you each week-- about the studio, my life, how our community is growing.

I see myself in you.

I remember the first time someone asked me to consider the people in my life as reflections of myself. ~ it was 2013, and I was in the first few days of my yoga teacher training ~ At first I was slightly offended and definitely annoyed by such a declaration. You mean to tell me that all the things people do that get on my last nerve are probably things I do?!

My teacher said, "Yes. Probably...and consider what else might be true and possible because of that..."

I've thought about this a lot since then. What I've come to realize is: it's usually true. I can see myself in you. (Not just in the ways you might get under my skin, but even more so in the ways that you show me joy.)

You invite me to be more fully Me.

Doing the work of awareness & action is much more quickly cultivated through being in relationship with one another, and community is a catalyst for change.

What I notice about the yoga world (and many spiritually-aspiring groups) is that we. as humans, like to extract ourselves from the real world in order to 'evolve.' (and byevolve I mean ignore) Sure, we can tap into a sort of serene transcendental state through excessive meditation or silent retreats or isolation or 'good vibes only' lives... We can bullshit our way into feeling calm and thinking that we are aware... but that's not real.

For me that human tendency to want to transcend comes from a deep-ego place that says, "I want to look good, perfect on the outside, no mud." It's easy to let that part of me run my life and call it 'spirituality.'

What I've learned, though, is that having a life like that would be like creating a pool on the shore of the ocean, where the same small amount of water sits... calmly... never changing... apart... separated... eventually dirty... unaware of its disconnection... 'serenely'...

My reflection would always look the same, because it would be the reflection I created. Having a life like that would be lonely, boring, and clearly disconnected from reality.

The real experience of life is like the ocean itself-- my wave crashes against your wave, sometimes the waves join forces, sometimes life feels like crashing into the shore, and sometimes there is a since of fluid calm out at sea. It is deep. It is in motion. It is collective. It holds life, energy, conflict, and understanding. It's one entity, and we're all in it together.

In an ocean...
My reflection is always changing.

So what's possible if I consider that the people in my life are reflections of me?
A dynamic journey
Uncovering who I really am
Leaning in & leaning on & being leaned on
Receiving guidance
See & be seen
A life much bigger and fuller than I can imagine

Thank you for showing me Me, every day in every way.


Beyond the mat...

We love Athens.
And we love you.
So let's have more of that-- together.

Here's where you can see what we're up to outside of the studio.

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The Heart of Connection
@ Shakti w/ Molly

Monday, May 6th ~ 7:15-9pm
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New Blog: William Lobb
Embracing who you are & a call to listen

“We are all a product of complex lives and experiences that make us who we are. Hopefully, best case scenario, someone sees me, what I’m doing, and when they find someone in their life doing the same thing or even something completely different, I’ve given them a tool to accept differences in others, and more importantly, in themselves.”

— William Lobb

Read it all

Inquiry Corner w/ Emily: Tapas

Hi everyone, Emily here! If you’re new to inquiry, this looks like moving through questions, prompts, activities, and conversations that help you learn more about yourself. I’m excited you’re here!

Fire, heat, effort, "staying in the work."Tapas, or self-discipline, is that internal spark, the last big effort, the staying in plank for 10 breaths, the ujjayi breath.
It's work. It's fire.

And it's the times when we feel hopeless and keep going. Or feel like nothing will ever change but pray for something better. Tapas is, at its core, resilience.

So here's some inquiry for you:

1. Where in your life do you need more fire? Where do you need to turn up the dial? The heat?

2. Where in your life does fire need to burn away what is no longer serving?

3. Where in your life is your fire raging out of control? Where do you need to turn it into a controlled burn?

Take time to dig deep to uncover these answers in your life right now. Think, meditate, write, share-- do the work.

*Check out my videos on the yamas + niyamas on Shakti’s IGTV. The yamas and niyamas are part of the foundation of yogic philosophy, and they describe various tenants to living a yogic and ethical life.*

Ruby Chandler