Get a guy to yoga: the dudes of Shakti


"I had to go to plan D for exercise...and that was yoga."

- Keith Campbell, practicing for 7 years now

In March and April, Shakti hosted two broga (bro + yoga ) events to create a space for just guys to get their feet wet in power yoga. All you Shakti ladies out there are well versed in the benefits of a regular practice...stress release, feeling powerful, changing the course of your day, and it goes on. We noticed girls are much more likely to come try a class on their own and to keep showing up. So we got with three of our yogi dudes and asked "where are the guys?" 

To get some insight into this topic and just because we think they're funny, we talked to James Goodin, Keith Campbell, and Nick Efird. Listen below to hear about their practice! 

james photo.jpg
keith photo.jpg


I'm sure you have a guy in your life that could really use a hamstring stretch. Bring him to a class!... and leave space for him to navigate his own path to a yoga practice. Yoga may not be a perfect fit at first (we've all been there, right?), but a little encouragement can go a long way. 

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