Shakti at Home... in the airport... in the hotel room... at the beach...

WOw! this fall the Shakti team took on a lot of exciting firsts: teacher training, community involvement, online merch, Meditation Month, a 6 part blog series, and an online video platform so you can practice anywhere you go.

Shakti at Home.

First, this was possible because of the inspiring students we have grown with since they came in the doors. But for many of them, their lives offered them exciting moves or career changes outside of Athens. You all are the reason this platform exists & we are so grateful for your love of the studio, and we’re hopeful that you’ll love this piece of Shakti, too.

If you’ve visited the Shakti At Home tab on our website, you may have practiced with live class audio recordings from Ruby, Olivia, and me. It’s been a way for us to get our feet wet by 1) hearing ourselves talk… (lol, I cringe every time) 2) see if students actually use it and enjoy it (consensus is positive!) 3) offer an example of what the audio piece of the subscriptions will be like.

On the platform, there is a video recording of Power Hour, YinPower, Shakti Strength, and in a few days, Revival. Once we watch enough YouTube videos, we will be setting up a GoPro to record live classes ! More info to come.


Head over to this video to get an idea of the platform and our mission for it.

Pretty cool, right?? Visit our U Screen page here to try it free for 7 days!

We are really eager to share this with our current, past, and future students as a way for us to stay in each other’s lives even when life takes us to new places.



Maggie Scruggs