Taylor Parker


Taylor knows when to find effort...

and ease. 

She completed her RYT 200 hour vinyasa teacher training at Savannah Power Yoga and attended Level One training with Baron Baptiste. Taylor sought yoga as a way to find balance.

"At times, I think we all get thrown off. For me, yoga is a change to restart. I grew up playing sports and I love to compete. I think there is often a pressure that we must always try our best, look our best, put on our happy face, “get over it”, and never stop until we win. There is so much strength in doing all of those things, and I think it is definitely  important to push through when things get tough and to wipe the tears and keep moving. I also think that there is a time to surrender."

Yoga allows Taylor to reset and be real with herself. It’s about sitting in the discomfort instead of fleeing. It’s about listening to what you want. She recalls often trying to fix things, people, and situations but on the my mat there is absolutely no way to fix anything. She likes to listen to the teacher’s voice, engage her core, and become present. The best thing yoga has taught Taylor in her practice & in life is to combine effort and ease... balance is the key to all things.

instagram: tay_bay_bay