taylor guzzie

instructor / the yummiest flow & restore / little light leader


After graduating with a double major in Nursing and Psychology, Taylor found herself working as a a software engineer in the cable industry during the late 90’s. Although profitable and promising, at least by industry standards, she soon realized that she was not well suited for the demands of such a competitive and relentless lifestyle. In spite of substantial material gain and several promotions, she battled increasing feelings of dissatisfaction and emptiness. After leaving corporate America, completing several real estate/retail adventures and in the midst of a profound physical, mental and emotional bottom, yoga found Taylor in a moment of providence. So began her personal journey into truth, recovery, herself and a way of life that has resulted in peace, purpose and deep joy. She graduated from Asheville Yoga Center and is currently working towards a 900 hour certification as an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist through Phoenix Rising. Taylor knows first hand the empowerment that results from a dedicated practice and is passionate about sharing the healing and therapeutic effects of yoga to those who seek its wisdom. A bit of a service junkie (as she knows this to be a primary pillar of joy), Taylor has been a mentor for Oconee County schools for several years, working with disadvantaged children. She coordinates projects and fund raisers for local non profits and is always available to assist with service projects throughout the community. A practicing minimalist, Taylor is passionate about simplicity and sustainability, recently completing a 350 square foot Tiny Home. Proud mother to daughters Victoria and Eleni, she enjoys homesteading projects, composting, vermiculture and literally anything that will keep her surrounded by nature. 

instagram: @drishtini