ruby chandler

owner / instructor / all around go-getter


Yoga found Ruby... 

in the early part of 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. As a student (both of yoga and of music education at Belmont University), Ruby offered herself a job as the front desk girl at Shakti Power Yoga Nashville not long after their doors had opened in 2012. 

By Grace, fate, and what-have-you the owners hired her, trusted her, and trained her. Ruby completed her 200 hr Power Yoga teacher training in 2013 with Sid McNairy of Sid Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland. She quickly became a part of the community at Shakti, and Shakti quickly became her home.

Kelly and Lauren, the owners of Shakti Power Yoga Nashville, mentored, inspired, and encouraged Ruby on her teaching path, even as she moved from Nashville to L.A. and then L.A. to Athens-- 2015 was a hell of a year. Knowing the power of a yoga community that feels like home, Ruby believes in the possibility of creating this feeling anywhere, especially in Athens. All it takes is the right kind of attention and a whole lotta LOVE. 

Ruby loves getting inverted, short getaways, loud music, and anything in the kitchen-- she likes to remind people that the first step to getting healthier is to chop some veggies.

Ruby is a keeper of Truth. She knows that the Truth always reveals, always liberates, and always wins. She is a giver of grace. Her aim is to show up, show up fully, and stand in the rays of Grace. Every day. And she is a lover of love. Pour it on. Give it, receive it, share it. Don't hold back the love. All too often we have held back the love.

instagram: @life.with.ruby