maggie scruggs

instructor / artist / really cool


Maggie discovered yoga...

on a very hot and very humid summer day in the Cayman Islands in 2012 when her mom encouraged her to come to a class. The description she later found out, was heated power, however no artificial heat was needed on this day. She left with sweat between her toes and in her eyes, but Maggie knew she found something great. 

Maggie is a student, runner, tennis player, artist, sister, and friend but all these titles are blurred when we show up on our mats. She believes that when we come together in a room, we drop the positions and titles we occupy outside of our mats, and become vast and more fluid versions of ourselves. 

Maggie has been practicing since 2012, has a level one certification with YogaFit and a level one with Baptiste Power Yoga.

art instagram: @maggiescruggsart

personal insta: @Loveandotherscruggs