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ruby chandler

owner / instructor / all around go-getter


"i like to shake things up. I’m a visionary, a creative, and a realist. i am my best self when i dream big, work hard (with people i love), and make space for rest & play."

2019 Intention: Vitality

Birthday: 06/06 - gemini

hometown: blue ridge, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Chair - i love the way it wakes up my whole body!

Fav Spot in Athens: here's where you can find me: shakti... CLUB 395 (that's my apartment)... 1000 faces coffee... hi lo lounge... repeat

the top 3: laughing, cooking (with jake), movement

Yoga Music style: purposeful, energetic, & uplifting

check out my Perfect imperfections playlist for summer yoga fun!

Training: Sid Yoga 200hr RYT

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: I moved to athens for love and fell in love with the small town city charm! athens is my soul home for sure.


instagram: @life.with.ruby

maggie scruggs

manager / artist / sweat enthusiast


"i am ready for a challenge, empathetic at heart, creative, and practical. i am full of gratitude for the places i can go, the way i can move, and the people i love."

2019 intention: abundance

Birthday: 09/13- virgo

hometown: valdosta, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: tadasana (mountain pose)

Fav Spot in Athens: ruby's couch

the top 3: art, long walks, anything in the sun

Yoga Music style: beats, tempo to match breath, OCCASIonally we dance to pop music 

listen to ‘Tension and release’ on My spotify

Training: baptiste level one & Shakti yoga university 200 hr

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: came For undergrad, stayed for shakti


Blog: Art, Artist, Artistry


personal insta: @loveandotherscruggs



Katie Kuiper

instructor / grad student / spark of joy


"I'm Real, fun, and encouraging. I love to help others even if it is just listening or making people laugh."

2019 Intention: JOY

BIRTHDAY: 05/25 - gemini

HOMETOWN: tupelo, mississippi

CURRENT FAV YOGA POSE: downward facing dog

FAV SPOT IN ATHENS: The Founder’s Garden on campus because it's right by my office and a lovely place to take a break and be outside

THE TOP 3: Get outside/hike, sing some JamZz, eat good food

YOGA MUSIC STYLE: Mixed bag but if it’s a power hour class I love the fun beatsss

TRAINING: Southern Star Yoga Center in Oxford MS


WHY ATHENS: PhD work at UGA in the Linguistics Department




annie marcum

instructor / irest angel / full-time yogi

"I love to practice yoga and spend time meditating, whether with my dogs or completely alone. I love connecting with people and fostering a space for open, nonjudgmental being. I feel lucky to be alive on this earth at this time!"

2019 intention: Sincere

Birthday: 09/05 - virgo

hometown: hamilton, ohio

Current Fav Yoga Pose: any and all- i love connection to breath

Fav Spot in Athens: ntramural Fields with my hubs and dogs.

the top 3: Walk my dogs, read, and road trips with my husband Jon

Yoga Music style: Heard but not distracting, just a nice addition to the sound of breath and connection to the rhythm of the body.

Trainings: Global Yoga Shala, iRest Institute, Yogaville, Asheville Yoga Center, Yoga Journal Conferences

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: I came to attend UGA because I visited and fell in love with Athens! When I graduated, I knew I couldn’t leave. Athens has been home for over a decade!


Blog: Non-Violent Communication: The Superpower We All Have

facebook: annie marcum yoga

instagram: @bannanniea


Community connections manager / CALMING SPIRIT / writer


"I believe in the power of empathy, steadiness, and intuition. I’m warm and receptive… wacky, too."

2019 intention: grace

Birthday: 4/24 - taurus

hometown: Fairfax, Virginia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: dancing in chair pose

Fav Spot in Athens: buvez and green spaces in the sun

the top 3: long walks, slow mornings, plenty of sleep

Yoga Music style: depends on my mood, but You’re always going to get something quirky.

Check out my "yogi fun" and "Anjali" playlists.

Training: I received my RYT-200 in alignment-based vinyasa yoga with Peach Friedman, ERYT-500, at Yogafly Studio in 2015. I also did 50 hours of continuing ed with noah mazé in 2018.

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): Revival or Shakti Strength

Why Athens: the town, the community, the people, *shakti*.

IGTV: Chakras, Yamas & Niyamas

Blog: William Lobb, From Apathy to Depression to…, Nineteen Voices

Instagram: @emily.unwin

Rachel Haisfield

Mountain lover / book worm/ grounded presence

Image uploaded from iOS-3.jpg

"I am a positive individual with a big heart who values honesty, community and balance. "

Birthday: 05/23 - gemini

hometown: boulder, colorado

Current Fav Yoga Pose: headstand

Fav Spot in Athens: So far, Georgia Theatre Rooftop!

the top 3: READ, cook, and spend time in the sun!

Yoga Music style: Uplifting and soothing

Training: CORePOWER yoga

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: I'm new to athens and came by way of my boyfriend's job


Instagram: @raichhais

Christine White

Movement lover / green thumb


"I am so many different things depending on the season in my life, but on most days I'd say I'm introverted, compassionate, authentic, self-aware, creative, fearful, chatty, introspective, curious, active and strong."

2019 Intention: Adventure

Birthday: 12/23 - capricorn

hometown: charlotte, north carolina

Current Fav Yoga Pose: HALF MOON

Fav Spot in Athens: Botanical Garden trails! (and Independent Bread, let's be real)

the top 3: Cooking food, biking, backpacking

Yoga Music style: eclectic, international, groovy

Training: athens yoga INSTITUTE

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): YINPOWER

Why Athens: UGA brought me here


Blog: Reflections on Motherhood

Instagram: @christine585


Grace Carrington

energetic/ eye for design

Image from iOS.jpg

“I am a hard-working old soul with a passion for belly laughs and making people smile. My specialties include: dance parties, controlling the aux, and being a ‘YES.’”

2019 Intention: Purpose

Birthday: 09/04 - Virgo

hometown: Atlanta, gA

Current Fav Yoga Pose: deaf man's pose or headstand

Fav Spot in Athens: Georgia Theatre rooftop

the top 3: cooking, eating at new restaurants, creating art

Yoga Music style: I’d say a mixture of modern rock with a deep appreciate for the classics... and always down for a remix

Check out my "vibe Flow" playlist on SPOTIfY

Training: Shakti Yoga University 200RYT

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): Hip Hop FLow

Why Athens: UGA undergrad- go dawgs!


Instagram: @graceecarrington

erin kelling

“i am an adventure enthusiast and advocate for joy!”

Birthday: 12/02 - sagittarius

hometown: marietta, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: thunderbolt

fav spot in athens: buvez

the top 3:  cycling, drinking coffee, and enjoying time with friends

Yoga Music style: funky

training: Shakti yoga university 200 hr

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): triple p

Why Athens: uga


instagram: @erinkell97

Sara lips

mindful/ fun loving/ veggie enthusiast


"I'm a laid back yogi who doesn't take myself too seriously. I love yoga because it has allowed me to stay grounded in the moment, show up for myself and others, and remember how important play is!"

2019 intentio: Trust

Birthday: 08/16 - Leo

hometown: columbus, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: skandasana & king pigeon

Fav Spot in Athens: GA Theatre Rooftop and Athens Botanical Gardens

the top 3: anything outside, cooking, saving the environment!

Yoga Music style: some eclectic ~chill~ beats

Training: Shakti Yoga University 200 RYT

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): yinpower & power flow

Why Athens: UGA Grad program in environmental economics


Instagram: @arasspil

Shelley downs

mama bear/ always smiling/ ray of sunshine 


I’m a fun-loving wife and mama of 2 who loves to work hard and play hard.

2019 Intention: Ready

Birthday: 12/05 - sagittarius

hometown: dalton, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: twisting triangle

Fav Spot in Athens: shakti

the top 3: Bouldering/rock climbing, anything in the sunshine, spending time with my hubby and babies cooking and playing games

Yoga Music style: just breath

Training: shakti yoga university 200HR ryt

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: undergrad + I’ve been back in Athens now for 4 years raising a lovely little family and exploring all the many wonderful things this town has to offer, Shakti being my most fave.


Instagram: @shelleyadamsondowns

jaclyn nolan

joy seeker/ fashionable yogi/ instant best friend


"I am kind-hearted and loving. I like to laugh. I am gentle. I am strong."

2019 Intention: Purpose

Birthday: 04/12 - aries

hometown: edina, minnesota

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Warrior two — takin’ up space feels good!

Fav Spot in Athens: Cozied up on the couch with my husband and Hi-Lo.

the top 3: I love to eat good food, forge connection old and new, and dance 😀

Yoga Music style: Upbeat, fun and eclectic! My playlists include, instrumental, pop, rock, country ... something for everyone!

Training: shakti yoga university 200hr ryt

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: A faculty position in the Department of Communication Studies at UGA brought me to Athens. Ask me about rhetoric!


Instagram: @professorhowell


Californian/ Grad Student / Lover of Sunshine


"I am a helper and advocate. I enjoy helping and providing support to humans in any way I can. "

2019 Intention: Grace

Birthday: 01/14 - capricorn

hometown: Mcfarland, california

Current Fav Yoga Pose: half pigeon

Fav Spot in Athens: I LOVE SIPS in NormalTown! and grabbing breakfast at Ike and Jane after teaching or taking a Yoga class.

the top 3: I love to read, go for walks and go dancing!

Yoga Music style: I have a very eclectic music style. I play music in Spanish to Country to Indie. Every class is a wild card.

Training: dancing dogs yoga atlanta

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): revival or power hour

Why AthenS: I am currently a PhD student in Counseling Psychology at UGA.


Blog: The Right I Have to Healing

Instagram: @issaa19


cali quig

beach babe/ strong willed/ desk team

cali wheel.jpg

"I am a creative and independent person who knows what I want and am  not afraid to say what I think."

2019 Intention: Breathe

Birthday: 01/14 - capricorn

hometown: Athens, ga

Current Fav Yoga Pose: king dancer

Fav Spot in Athens: Shakti of course. It feels like home.

the top 3: riding horses, styling clothing, shopping

Yoga Music style: Inspiring to my movement. it depends on the mood I’m in, but usually I love a good slow relaxing zen playlist

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): yinpower

Why Athens: i was born in Athens and I still haven’t moved away because I love the feeling of community it has and the creativity that is flowing through it constantly


Instagram: @caliquig


Molly chandler

lake lover / Ask about her cupcakes / Desk team


"I am organized, talkative, and easy going."

2019 Intention: Open

Birthday: 03/08 - pisces

hometown: blue ridge, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: side crow

Fav Spot in Athens: Shakti, duh! or Georgia theater and rooftop

the top 3: Friends, football, baking...and the lake

Yoga Music style: upbeat and fun

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: UGA undergrad


Blog: They Love Leadership, They Love Teams

Instagram: @mchandler


lily holmes

world traveler/ journalist/ desk team


"I love to move and be active, explore new places and things, and spend time with the people I love!"

Birthday: 02/20 - pisces

hometown: atlanta, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: half-pigeon

Fav Spot in Athens: Georgia theatre rooftop

the top 3: Running/hiking, traveling, and spending time with my dog, Turtle.

Yoga Music style: Upbeat and fun music...and some occasional Migos.

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): hip hop power flow

Why Athens: undergrad at uga


Instagram: @lil_homie


Megan Bodnar

Hugger / Spacious


“I am a lighthearted, passionate person who highly values genuine connections with people.”

2019 intention: Ease

Birthday:02/08 - aquarius

hometown: McMinnville, Tennessee

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Frog Pose- I love how it takes me out of my comfort zone

Fav Spot in Athens: The Trial Gardens on campus

the top 3: Gardening, seeing live music, and HUGging!

Yoga Music style: Both calming and energizing- it’ll make you want to practice yoga, read that book you’ve been meaning to, and connect with the community all at once!

Training: EmPower School of Yoga in Nashville, TN

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): hip hop flow

Why Athens: uga & athens feels homey


Blog: Let’s Talk About Periods, Woo!


ANgela burgess

intuitive/ music lover / mystic

Image from iOS.jpg

“I resonate with joy, radiance, and magic. I am drawn to the light, but not afraid of the shadows. I am devoted to love and making the world a better place, especially for our children.”

Birthday: 11/09 - scorpio

hometown: Athens, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: headstand

Fav Spot in Athens: my sweet home & the botanical gardens

the top 3: Spend time with my family, dance, and explore new places (especially when I can do all of these things at once).

Yoga Music style: My style is eclectic, but very intentional. Exploring music is one of my passions! My best description: world, chill, chants, rhythmic, jazzy, uplifting, and fun!

Training: m3yoga 200 hr ryt

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): revival

Why Athens: Athens has been my home and my heart for many years. I've traveled many places and still find no other place quite like it. We have music, art, food, community, nature, breweries, and still maintain a small town vibe. I love Athens!

insta: @angela_burgess


Sabrina roualdes

story teller / hugger / desk staff

Image from iOS.jpg

"A girl just flowin’ through life”

Birthday: 11/07 - Scorpio

hometown: petaluma, california

Current Fav Yoga Pose:

Fav Spot in Athens: Shakti

the top 3: Dancing, videography, meditation

Yoga Music style: chill

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: for love <3


Instagram: @sabrina.roualdes



Sonja Robinson Moore

Shakti’s #1 fan / director of first impressions / Mama bear


“I would best describe myself as easy going, team player, loving, open hearted, passionate, friendly.”

Birthday: 08/18 - leo

hometown: Athens, Georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: warrior ii or extended side angle

Fav Spot in Athens: somewhere i can watch football

when i’m not at yoga: I spend time outside & with family

Yoga Music style: up-beat, a little r&b, jazz, some rap

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): Revival or restorative

Why Athens: I have always been an athenian


Instagram: @A_new_Sonja



bethany sacks


“i am a hard-working, go-getter type of person. I get warm and fuzzy when I can help someone or make them smile. I am mix of deep conversations and light-hearted play.

Birthday: 07/07 - cancer

hometown: Rochester, new york

Current Fav Yoga Pose: airplane

Fav Spot in Athens: hi lo & shakti

the top 3: Horseback riding, being with my friends, and learning something new

Yoga Music style: a little bit of everything

training: Shakti yoga university 200 hr ryt

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: uga undergrad


instagram: @bethany_sacks

Hannah Jones

giving / secretly makes you work really hard / listener

“I am joyful, a seeker of adventure, and brave! ”

Birthday: 09/06 - Virgo

hometown: Atlanta, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Forward Fold - I like the way it stretches my spine out!

Fav Spot in Athens: Besides Shakti, I love anywhere I can hang with my husband and either go for a walk or play board games.

Training: Dancing Dogs Yoga

the top 3: Speak French, cook, and have coffee chats with people I love.

Yoga Music style: You'll probably hear some NeedToBreathe... But no matter what, I will always have some upbeat music to keep you breathing and moving!

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: just a has-been UGA graduate that has returned to the Classic City for a brief stint. My husband and I are here to pursue some of our family goals, but always feels good to be in ATH...


Instagram: @jones_hannahg

Harley cobb

Image from iOS.jpg

“I am An outgoing, always smiling, curious, and passionate plant-based yogi.”

Birthday: 10/08 - libra

hometown: charlotte, north carolina

Current Fav Yoga Pose: revolved side plank

Fav Spot in Athens: the grit

the top 3:  Grocery shop (farmers markets, Trader Joe’s, etc), explore different cultural restaurants, and spend genuine time with my friends

Yoga Music style: Uplifting, energizing, indie, calm and peaceful (towards savasana)

Training: Charlotte Yoga in Charlotte NC

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour, power flow, or strength

Why Athens: I’m a student UGA and I love the eclectic and wholesome feel of the town


instagram: @harley_cobb

Caroline Henderson

“I am a lover of sunshine!! I live everyday with intention: to let others know they matter, to be fully present, and to soak up the sunshine wherever it seeps in.”

Birthday: 08/17 - Leo

hometown: atlanta, Georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: headstand

Fav Spot in Athens: earth fare

the top 3:  long walks, cooking, LAUGHING

Yoga Music style: Totally depends on my mood ... some days I crave upbeat, fast-paced music to get my sweat on & other days I crave zen melodies.

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour followed by irest

Why Athens: uga


instagram: @caro.henderson

Morganne Goddard


“I am Compassionate, genuine, and energetic.”

Birthday: 11/24 - sagittarius

hometown: San juan, puerto rico

Current Fav Yoga Pose: ardha chapasana (half moon/ sugarcane)

Fav Spot in Athens: wherever my pups are

the top 3:  Exploring Athens(!), walk my dogs, and connect/get to know people

training: Savannah Power Yoga, Dancing Dogs Yoga, and Savannah Yoga Center

Yoga Music style: Depends on the day! Some days are pop all day and some are calming tunes

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): Peak power or restorative

Why Athens: grad school

Lucy stelmack

healer/ barista/ warm

Image from iOS.jpg

“i am Joyful with lots of love".”

Birthday: 01/29 - aquarius

hometown: pelham, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: half moon

Fav Spot in Athens: Sips coffee

the top 3: Make latte art, outdoor activities, and reading.

Yoga Music style: Anything that resonates with my spirit, uplifting and bouncy

Training: SYU 200hr ryt

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: a new chapter of my life


instagram: @lucystelmack