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ruby chandler

owner / instructor / all around go-getter


Yoga found Ruby... 

in the early part of 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. As a student (both of yoga and of music education at Belmont University), Ruby offered herself a job as the front desk girl at Shakti Power Yoga Nashville not long after their doors had opened in 2012. 

By Grace, fate, and what-have-you the owners hired her, trusted her, and trained her. Ruby completed her 200 hr Power Yoga teacher training in 2013 with Sid McNairy of Sid Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland. She quickly became a part of the community at Shakti, and Shakti quickly became her home.

Kelly and Lauren, the owners of Shakti Power Yoga Nashville, mentored, inspired, and encouraged Ruby on her teaching path, even as she moved from Nashville to L.A. and then L.A. to Athens-- 2015 was a hell of a year. Knowing the power of a yoga community that feels like home, Ruby believes in the possibility of creating this feeling anywhere, especially in Athens. All it takes is the right kind of attention and a whole lotta LOVE. 

Ruby loves getting inverted, short getaways, loud music, and anything in the kitchen-- she likes to remind people that the first step to getting healthier is to chop some veggies.

Ruby is a keeper of Truth. She knows that the Truth always reveals, always liberates, and always wins. She is a giver of grace. Her aim is to show up, show up fully, and stand in the rays of Grace. Every day. And she is a lover of love. Pour it on. Give it, receive it, share it. Don't hold back the love. All too often we have held back the love.

instagram: @life.with.ruby

maggie scruggs

instructor / artist / really cool


Maggie discovered yoga...

on a very hot and very humid summer day in the Cayman Islands in 2012 when her mom encouraged her to come to a class. The description she later found out, was heated power, however no artificial heat was needed on this day. She left with sweat between her toes and in her eyes, but Maggie knew she found something great. 

Maggie is a student, runner, tennis player, artist, sister, and friend but all these titles are blurred when we show up on our mats. She believes that when we come together in a room, we drop the positions and titles we occupy outside of our mats, and become vast and more fluid versions of ourselves. 

Maggie has been practicing since 2012, has a level one certification with YogaFit and a level one with Baptiste Power Yoga.

art instagram: @maggiescruggsart

personal insta: @Loveandotherscruggs

Katie Kuiper

instructor / grad student / spark of joy


After swimming competitively for most of her life... 

Katie fell in love with yoga at the beginning of college. It was meant to be! Katie completed her 200 hour certification through Southern Star Yoga Center in Oxford, Mississippi, and is indebted to the wonderful teachers she has had throughout the years! She teaches a range of class types including vinyasa and hatha yoga. Katie believes yoga is for every body regardless of age or athletic ability, and every one can benefit from this amazing practice.

instagram: @kirelandkuiper

lori demosthenes

instructor / potter / runner / flows with the elements

Lori has been practicing yoga for 10 years...

In 2016, she embarked on the teaching path, hoping to of help others feel the life changing effects yoga can have on the body and the mind. Lori received her 200-hr teacher training certification under the instruction of Shiva Rea in Prana Vinyasa Flow. When Lori is not practicing yoga, she works as a studio potter out of Southern Star Studio and as a pottery instructor at Good Dirt Clay Studio. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, running, and backpacking. Lori strives to bring the yogic principles into every aspect of her life, and hopes to help her students do the same. “Embrace the flow, and let it guide you” - Rumi

instagram: @lodemos

em harger

instructor / designer / she's got all the good tunes

The product of a nomadic family...

 Emily has lived everywhere-- Philadelphia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, New York, you name it! She loves engaging with people and cultures from around the globe. Yoga has deepened her connection to her ever-changing environment. She earned her 200hr vinyasa yoga teaching certificate in the Costa Rican jungle last year. Em is thrilled to provide yoga instruction to her Athens family (including her parents who will regularly be seen at the studio)! You will find her classes full of humor and playlists you'll want to listen to on the car ride home. 

instagram: @emharger

michael black

instructor / rolfer / his power flow will make you sweat

Michael Headshot.jpg

Michael is a Certified Rolfer® and local native...

He holds 200 and 500 hour yoga certifications, has completed several months of residential study at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, six months of study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and completed his Rolfing® certification from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. He is wildly passionate about anatomy, body awareness, mindfulness, and helping people in any way he can. 

instagram: @michaelblackrolfing


annie marcum

instructor / irest angel / full-time yogi

Annie moved to Athens, GA in 2007...

to attend the University of Georgia. She was trained to teach yoga in September 2012 through Global Yoga Shala. Since then, she has continued to study with various teachers and styles, embarking on a 500-hr level training in September of 2016. 

Annie is also an iRest Level 1 Teacher-in-Training, with hopes to become certified in 2017. She believes in being a perpetual student, as there is always another way to look at things and room for growth. Annie likes to weave in aspects of mindfulness to all of her classes, believing that we each already have the tools within us to experience deep peace and joy. To her, yoga is a way of living that leads us home to ourselves. Annie hopes to connect students to that place within that is always healed, whole, and at peace. 

facebook: annie marcum yoga

instagram: @bannanniea



shakti pic 2.jpg


Emily has been practicing yoga for five years now & teaching for two. Yoga keeps her sane!! And balanced + happy + helps her grow as a more loving person. She thinks yoga is the bomb diggity.

She studied alignment-based vinyasa yoga and earned RYT-200 Certification from Yogafly’s Teacher Training School in Auburn, AL.

In Emily's classes, students can expect emotional and physical work, with an emphasis on lots of flow + movement with breath. She almost always plays music and syncs the music to the ebb and flow of the class. Her classes are energetic, challenging, and will make you sweat. She focuses on building the energy of the class while also staying rooted down into alignment.

It's important to her that she knows her students, so tell her about your life. She loves a good chat. That's the good stuff. Loving yoga means loving the people you teach!

Other things about her... She's in her first year of a master's program in nutrition at UGA, aspiring to become a dietitian that works with addiction rehabilitation and/or eating disorder treatment. Loves to cook, dance, box, + chill with her 2 cats.

Instagram: @emily.unwin

Carli Gish

Power junkie / law student


Carli loves to sweat...

She is a Jupiter, Florida native and discovered yoga after her twin sister convinced her to try a class. Carli completed her 200 hour certification at CorePower Yoga in Washington, DC. She loves to teach power flow so come to her class ready to get sweaty. She's a law student at UGA, a huge Ole Miss football fan, and a runner. If she's not in the studio, you can find her running around Athens or in the law library trying to convince her friends to come to yoga.

Instagram: @cargish

Taylor Parker


Taylor knows when to find effort...

And ease.

She completed her RYT 200 hour vinyasa teacher training at Savannah Power Yoga and attended Level One training with Baron Baptiste. Taylor sought yoga as a way to find balance.

"At times, I think we all get thrown off. For me, yoga is a change to restart. I grew up playing sports and I love to compete. I think there is often a pressure that we must always try our best, look our best, put on our happy face, “get over it”, and never stop until we win. There is so much strength in doing all of those things, and I think it is definitely  important to push through when things get tough and to wipe the tears and keep moving. I also think that there is a time to surrender."

Yoga allows Taylor to reset and be real with herself. It’s about sitting in the discomfort instead of fleeing. It’s about listening to what you want. She recalls often trying to fix things, people, and situations but on the my mat there is absolutely no way to fix anything. She likes to listen to the teacher’s voice, engage her core, and become present. The best thing yoga has taught Taylor in her practice & in life is to combine effort and ease... balance is the key to all things.

instagram: @tay_bay_bay

Sydney Ruben


Sydney first tried yoga...

in the pursuit of a workout that got her moving every so often... It wasn’t long before she felt the amazing effects on both the mind and body. She got her first 200RYT certificate from Rubber Soul in Athens, and attended a second 200-hour training in Italy through Three Treasures Yoga. She loves the community aspect of yoga and aims to teach classes that leave you feeling centered, challenged, and happy! Sydney believes that yoga looks different on everybody, and likes to provide a safe space for people to explore wherever they are in their journey.

jordan mores

instructor / warm weather gal


Jordan loves when athens stays warm...

Jordan was born and raised in South Florida & has been practicing yoga since she was 15. In 2016, she completed her 200 hour certification through the Yoga Joint in Fort Lauderdale. Yoga keeps her grounded and sane (we can relate!)

She is currently a student at the University of Georgia studying agribusiness. In her free time, Jordan loves to go to the beach, read, and bake.

instagram: @jordan_mores

Phelan lavelle

rockstar / giving spirit


as a bicycle messenger in chicago...

Phelan found yoga. Yoga brought her the peace and presence for which to balance the demands of her job. She was hooked. She moved to Athens in 2010 with her band, and her relationship with yoga deepened.

Phelan was inspired to receive her 200 hour certification from Yogaful Day in 2013 and is currently seeking her 500 hour certification from Asheville Yoga Center.

On yoga, she says, "I love yoga, it is my best friend. It shows me how to love myself in the best way so I can love others in the best way. It teaches me that the content is in the transitions, the more difficult, the more important. Yoga gives me a very special way of expression which enables me to translate and enhance the rest of my reality. I feel so grateful to be able to give yoga to other people, it takes my experience next level and blows my mind every time."

Instagram: @vanphelan

Christine White

Movement lover / green thumb


With a background in gymnastics and a love for movement...

Yoga presents itself as a natural and necessary journey for Christine. Christine discovered yoga in 2008 during her college years at UGA. Her relationship with her practice has deepened and evolved ever since. She sees yoga as an expression of the best things in life - work, love, creativity, compassion, community... the list goes on.  

Christine received her 200hr RYT from Athens Yoga Institute in 2014. Ever a student, Christine continues to explore a variety of yoga styles, and is inspired to teach creative and intentional sequences.  She believes yoga is for everyone and that practice is a powerful tool to live as one’s best, authentic self.  

When she's not teaching, Christine is likely farming, cooking, biking around town, or spending time in the great outdoors.  She is honored to share her down-to-earth approach to yoga with the Shakti and Athens community.

Instagram: @christine585



Californian/ Grad Student / Lover of Sunshine


Maritza began her yoga journey in 2014...

And has been practicing on and off since then. She began practicing when a friend invited her to a class, and fell in love with yoga. She decided to pursue her yoga teacher certification at Dancing Dogs Yoga in Atlanta, GA in the Fall of 2017. On her mat, she has found kindness and grace for herself and others.

She is from McFarland, CA and is currently working on her PhD in Counseling Psychology. She hopes to integrate her yoga practice and mindfulness within her role as a future bilingual psychologist. Yoga has given her the ability to be open to possibility, to growth, to change and the uncomfortable. Yoga has also given her grounding to the earth in ways that she had never experienced prior to beginning her yoga practice. She is so excited to share space and breath with folks!

Instagram: @issaa19