Shakti is home for the lovers of love, sweat, and growth. We give a lot of grace, and we seek a lot of truth. Our teachers bring yoga to life on and off the mat and are passionate about sharing the history, tradition, and practice of Yoga. At the same time, we choose not to take any of life too seriously. Collectively, we love to flow, try new things, discover fresh music, rise to meet a challenge, and laugh together.

Ruby chandler, owner/instructor


Yoga first found Ruby in the early part of 2011 in Nashville, Tennessee. As a student (both of yoga and of music education at Belmont University), Ruby offered herself a job as the front desk girl at Shakti Power Yoga Nashville not long after their doors had opened in 2012. 

By Grace, fate, and what-have-you the owners hired her, trusted her, and trained her. Ruby completed her 200 hr Power Yoga teacher training in 2013 with Sid McNairy of Sid Yoga in Baltimore, Maryland. She quickly became a part of the community at Shakti, and Shakti quickly became her home.

Kelly and Lauren, the owners of Shakti Power Yoga Nashville, mentored, inspired, and encouraged Ruby on her teaching path, even as she moved from Nashville to L.A. and then L.A. to Athens-- 2015 was a hell of a year. Knowing the power of a yoga community that feels like home, Ruby believes in the possibility of creating this feeling anywhere, especially in Athens. All it takes is the right kind of attention and a whole lotta LOVE. 

Ruby loves getting inverted, short getaways, loud music, and anything in the kitchen-- she likes to remind people that the first step to getting healthier is to chop some veggies.

Ruby is a keeper of Truth. She knows that the Truth always reveals, always liberates, and always wins. She is a giver of grace. Her aim is to show up, show up fully, and stand in the rays of Grace. Every day. And she is a lover of love. Pour it on. Give it, receive it, share it. Don't hold back the love. All too often we have held back the love.

annie marcum

power/iRest/ flow&restore

Annie moved to Athens, GA in 2007 to attend the University of Georgia. She was trained to teach yoga in September 2012 through Global Yoga Shala. Since then, she has continued to study with various teachers and styles, embarking on a 500-hr level training in September of 2016. 

Annie is also an iRest Level 1 Teacher-in-Training, with hopes to become certified in 2017. She believes in being a perpetual student, as there is always another way to look at things and room for growth. Annie likes to weave in aspects of mindfulness to all of her classes, believing that we each already have the tools within us to experience deep peace and joy. To her, yoga is a way of living that leads us home to ourselves. Annie hopes to connect students to that place within that is always healed, whole, and at peace. 

Michael Headshot.jpg

michael black

power Flow 

Michael is a Certified Rolfer® and local native. He holds 200 and 500 hour yoga certifications, has completed several months of residential study at Satchidananda Ashram in Virginia, six months of study at the Ashtanga Yoga Research Institute in Mysore, India, and completed his Rolfing® certification from the Rolf Institute® of Structural Integration in Boulder, Colorado. He is wildly passionate about anatomy, body awareness, mindfulness, and helping people in any way he can. 

lori Demosthenes

Prana Power

Lori has been practicing yoga for 10 years. In 2016, she embarked on the teaching path, hoping to of help others feel the life changing effects yoga can have on the body and the mind. Lori received her 200-hr teacher training certification under the instruction of Shiva Rea in Prana Vinyasa Flow. When Lori is not practicing yoga, she works as a studio potter out of Southern Star Studio and as a pottery instructor at Good Dirt Clay Studio. She also enjoys cooking, gardening, running, and backpacking. Lori strives to bring the yogic principles into every aspect of her life, and hopes to help her students do the same. “Embrace the flow, and let it guide you” - Rumi


katie kuiper

Power Hour

After swimming competitively for most of her life, Katie fell in love with yoga at the beginning of college. It was meant to be! Katie completed her 200 hour certification through Southern Star Yoga Center in Oxford, Mississippi, and is indebted to the wonderful teachers she has had throughout the years! She teaches a range of class types including vinyasa and hatha yoga. Katie believes yoga is for every body regardless of age or athletic ability, and every one can benefit from this amazing practice.

Maggie Scruggs

Power flow

Maggie found yoga on a very hot and very humid summer day in the Cayman Islands in 2012 when her mom encouraged her to come to a class. The description she later found out, was heated power, however no artificial heat was needed on this day. She left with sweat between her toes and in her eyes, but Maggie knew she found something great. 

Maggie is a student, runner, tennis player, artist, sister, and friend but all these titles are blurred when we show up on our mats. She believes that when we come together in a room, we drop the positions and titles we occupy outside of our mats, and become vast and more fluid versions of ourselves. 

Maggie has been practicing since 2012 and has a level one certification with YogaFit.

em harger

power flow

The product of a nomadic family, Emily has lived everywhere-- Philadelphia, Arizona, Oklahoma, Georgia, Florida, New York, you name it! She loves engaging with people and cultures from around the globe. Yoga has deepened her connection to her ever-changing environment. She earned her 200hr vinyasa yoga teaching certificate in the Costa Rican jungle last year. Em is thrilled to provide yoga instruction to her Athens family (including her parents who will regularly be seen at the studio)! You will find her classes full of humor and playlists you'll want to listen to on the car ride home. 

Taylor Guzzie

power hour/ flow&restore/   little light

After graduating with a double major in Nursing and Psychology, Taylor found herself working as a a software engineer in the cable industry during the late 90’s. Although profitable and promising, at least by industry standards, she soon realized that she was not well suited for the demands of such a competitive and relentless lifestyle.

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In spite of substantial material gain and several promotions, she battled increasing feelings of dissatisfaction and emptiness. After leaving corporate America, completing several real estate/retail adventures and in the midst of a profound physical, mental and emotional bottom, yoga found Taylor in a moment of providence. So began her personal journey into truth, recovery, herself and a way of life that has resulted in peace, purpose and deep joy. She graduated from Asheville Yoga Center and is currently working towards a 900 hour certification as an IAYT Certified Yoga Therapist through Phoenix Rising. Taylor knows first hand the empowerment that results from a dedicated practice and is passionate about sharing the healing and therapeutic effects of yoga to those who seek its wisdom. A bit of a service junkie (as she knows this to be a primary pillar of joy), Taylor has been a mentor for Oconee County schools for several years, working with disadvantaged children. She coordinates projects and fund raisers for local non profits and is always available to assist with service projects throughout the community. A practicing minimalist, Taylor is passionate about simplicity and sustainability, recently completing a 350 square foot Tiny Home. Proud mother to daughters Victoria and Eleni, she enjoys homesteading projects, composting, vermiculture and literally anything that will keep her surrounded by nature. 

Gota Cebrero


Gota's native country is Argentina. Since he remembers, he's been wondering the mysteries of life. That internal yearning motivated him to leave his native country.This journey took him to over 25 countries. In 1999, he had his first direct contact with yoga which was Ashthanga yoga vinyasa in Ecuador.

In 2001, he discovered zen meditation in Switzerland and then moved to Spain and spent over a year in a zen monastery  practicing meditation and  doing intense retreats. In 2004, he became a shiatsu practitioner, which is a type of Japanese digitopuncture  based on oriental tradition. During all these years, he was interested in all styles of yoga from Kundalini, to yin yoga, to vinyasa, etc...  In 2008, he became certified with 200 hours of training in vinyasa yoga with Rolf Gates in Athens, Ga. In 2012, he also became certified with 230 hours from the Asheville Yoga Center in North Carolina.

All these years Gota has been sharing this beautiful path of yoga with any person that is interested, from one-on-one to big or small groups. Gota's style of teaching is a flow vinyasa where he blends asana, pranayama, and meditation.

Gota is registered through the Yoga Alliance E-RYT200.

Phelan LaVelle

power flow

Becky Grubbs

power hour

eleni guzzie

little light ambassador

Eleni is 9 and has been practicing since the age of 5, when she started checking out yoga videos from the library. She promptly converted her mom from a runner to a yogi, so that they could spend more time together. One of her favorite events is 108 Sun Salutations, where she enthusiastically flows through all 108 Sun As. Eleni plays three instruments, is on the merit list at school and has regular service commitments. When asked what yoga means to her, she answered, "Focusing in life to reach your goals and teaching others to do it too. " With a heart and smile that light up the room, we are proud to call her Little Light Ambassador.

Eleni assists her mom in leading our Little Light Kids Yoga classes on Sundays at 3pm.