a la carte PRICING:


Memberships include

  • 1 buddy pass per month (aka bring a friend for free!)

  • 1 free mat/towel rental per month (rentals are free when you bike or walk, too!)

  • 15% off all workshops

  • 10% off all Shakti brand retail

  • 10% off 1 mat or Yogitoes purchase

  • Pause account for 1 month at a time, up to 3 months per year (See form at footer of this page)

  • 30-day cancellation notice (See form at footer of this page)

  • Unused classes in Limited Monthly memberships do not roll over to the next month

  • No contracts - We appreciate you honoring your membership for at least 3 months


Shakti Scholarships

We have created this form and flexibility within our pricing structure to support you & your yoga practice at Shakti as we all try to navigate the world we live in. Shakti scholarships come in all shapes & sizes and are available as needed. 

We believe you, no questions asked. Thank you for being honest & open to receiving support.

We suggest taking a few moments now to check in with yourself. Take a pause. Put a hand on your heart & breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. 

Let us know what you need. We are here to support you however we can.


We’re on a mission to be up to something bigger than ourselves.

This means that we are clear about who Shakti is, where Shakti is headed,

and choices at Shakti that impact you. 

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100% of your donation goes to making yoga memberships accessible to our community through Shakti Scholarships.

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