olivia ball

Wanderer/ Problem Solver/ working on eating more veggies

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"I am a quirky soul in pursuit of happiness through presence and honesty. I approach life with a big heart looking for the good in every situation."

2019 Intention: Adventure

Birthday: 09/30 - Libra

hometown: columbus, ohio

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Half moon into Ardha Chandra Chapasana

Fav Spot in Athens: Sanford Stadium or Jittery Joes

the top 3: traveling the world with no real plans, volunteering at the Athens Humane Society, playing cards & board games with family and friends

Yoga Music style: Pop/ Electropop- something to flow with

Training: shakti Yoga university 200RYT

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: I came down to be part of the UGA Swimming and Diving team and to get my biological engineering degree.


Instagram: @oliviaball14