Californian/ Grad Student / Lover of Sunshine


"I am a helper and advocate. I enjoy helping and providing support to humans in any way I can. "

2019 Intention: Grace

Birthday: 01/14 - capricorn

hometown: Mcfarland, california

Current Fav Yoga Pose: half pigeon

Fav Spot in Athens: I LOVE SIPS in NormalTown! and grabbing breakfast at Ike and Jane after teaching or taking a Yoga class.

the top 3: I love to read, go for walks and go dancing!

Yoga Music style: I have a very eclectic music style. I play music in Spanish to Country to Indie. Every class is a wild card.

Training: dancing dogs yoga atlanta

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): revival or power hour

Why AthenS: I am currently a PhD student in Counseling Psychology at UGA.


Blog: The Right I Have to Healing

Instagram: @issaa19