Hannah Jones

giving / secretly makes you work really hard / listener

“I am joyful, a seeker of adventure, and brave! ”

Birthday: 09/06 - Virgo

hometown: Atlanta, georgia

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Forward Fold - I like the way it stretches my spine out!

Fav Spot in Athens: Besides Shakti, I love anywhere I can hang with my husband and either go for a walk or play board games.

Training: Dancing Dogs Yoga

the top 3: Speak French, cook, and have coffee chats with people I love.

Yoga Music style: You'll probably hear some NeedToBreathe... But no matter what, I will always have some upbeat music to keep you breathing and moving!

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power flow

Why Athens: just a has-been UGA graduate that has returned to the Classic City for a brief stint. My husband and I are here to pursue some of our family goals, but dang...it always feels good to be in ATH...


Instagram: @jones_hannahg