We make the choice to utilize pricing that reflects the value of our services, is equitable in evening the playing field of income class, and includes the flexibility to make our services more accessible (especially to marginalized folx, as needed).

“(This) demands that we go bigger and broader than simply reconfiguring business-as-usual. It requires radical ways of rethinking money, value, reciprocity, access and equity…

We have to build new and intentional ways of being inside the containers that already exist. We have to move beyond the automatic, the assumed, and move towards that which has not yet been imagined, that which we can’t fully fathom but that lives as a glimmer in our hearts… 

This is about bold experimentation and paradoxical thinking. 

This is about collaboration. Generation. Replenishment and repair… 

This means letting go of the status quo.”

- Bear Hebert, teacher and leader in ethical business strategy (10)

Understanding the intersections of power and privilege is the key to fitting this piece into its spot on the puzzle.

Pricing at Shakti is structured in a way that feels ethical and takes into account accessibility with equity (11) in mind. We consider the difference between equality (treating everyone the same) and equity (giving everyone what they need to be successful) and use that consideration to step into our core value to Empower: to give you the tangible tools, access to resources, equitable opportunities, and a space to show up, so that you can step into your rightful power as a human being and become your own best teacher.

Here are our guidelines when it comes to pricing:

  • Sustainability: The right amount of members, the right amount of classes

  • Trust as an upfront value and an internal sense of security

  • Reciprocity: We are in this together

  • Generosity: Generate an equitable pricing structure that includes flexibility for making yoga fiscally accessible

Here’s what you can expect:

  • We are NOT going to money-shame you (“You can’t afford not to!” “But it’ll change your life!” “It’s worth every penny!” “You’ll get results with your dollars!”) or bully you into paying for what your budget cannot support. 

  • We ARE going to ask you to challenge your mindset of ‘brokeness’ and ask yourself, “Is this actually something I see great value in and I can afford right now?” “

    • When I come from this place, I get to invest in products and services I believe in and also I am acknowledging that everyone needs support sometimes. If I can pay the value right now, I want to, because one day I might need help, and with the new rules I trust that someone else can be there making it possible for me to receive help when I need it.

  • We are NOT going to penalize you for not having $300, $600, or $1000 up-front, because most people don’t. Consider that you can afford a monthly membership; this is reasonable for most people, those of us with paycheck to paycheck budgets. But you notice that you’re having to pay $10, $20, $90 more over the course of time simply by not having hundreds of disposable dollars available up-front. It may seem like an equal opportunity offer, but it isn’t equitable or reasonable if we want our yoga to be accessible to most people.

    • This is why you will no longer see Semester Passes, 1 Year Unlimited, or specials that allow you to purchase longer memberships at discounted prices. It would be unfair for us to continue to offer discounts for paying up-front and charging ‘full price’ or ‘more’ for monthly payments.

    • If monthly payments aren’t your preferred way to pay, we’ll be happy to take the full cost up-front, but we can no longer ethically offer you a discount for that.

In the process of learning and reconfiguring our pricing in favor of accessibility, here are some options we considered:

  • Payment plans- That’s what we do right now, and that’s what we will continue to do as our primary option.

    • If you prefer not to use autopay, we are happy to take as many months up front as you prefer to pay at once, or we can set you up to pay your monthly membership in person each month.

    • A way you can be supported in this is if you need to pay each month in smaller increments instead of the full monthly payment once per month, we can set you up for multiple drafts per month.

  • Scholarships- This is what we are adding with the simplification of our pricing structure. This is for moments of contraction when you need extra support so that you can ask for and receive the support you need in order to stay in your practice at Shakti. 

    • At Shakti we talk a lot about asking for what you need. “Listen for what you need. Take care of yourself. Ask for what you need.” We all have moments of contraction in life, when we need extra support for a while in order to take care of ourselves well. This is an opportunity to practice that off the mat.

    • At Shakti, we acknowledge that many people experience social barriers, privilege is real, and yoga isn’t accessible at the same rate for everyone. We want to live in a world that is moving forward in equality, and so we are on a mission to do better. If there’s something we know for sure it’s that we are better together. 

    • This is a no questions asked approach. We are NOT going to ask you to prove or explain why you need support. We believe you. And we encourage you to be in continual inquiry about this-- Like, maybe in a few months you can afford more, or maybe you can afford less, or maybe it stays the same because your marginalized experience means that when your pay gap meets the standard of living, and you need some help somewhere! We’ve got you. 

  • Sliding scale- This is what we are NOT doing. Sounds like a reasonable idea, but Shakti doesn’t want to be a non-profit. Shakti is a for-profit THAT GIVES BACK.

    • Statistical evidence shows that collectively we are all so far over our heads in the ‘I’m broke’ inner dialogue, no matter how much money we make, that contribution on a sliding scale usually hovers just slightly above the lowest option.

      • So unless we make our lowest option $15, then we won’t make it as a business, and if you practice regularly and pay $15-$25 per class, you really are gonna be broke.

  • Grandfathering members into pricing-- This is also something we are NOT doing. We are so exceptionally grateful for your support, presence, and business, but doing business fully in alignment with our ethics right now means that creating equity is more important for our vision of our community, which means setting a clear structure and adapting from there.

    • That being said, if your current price rate is your budget ceiling, please fill out the Shakti scholarship form-- that’s what it’s for!

The new simplified pricing structure only consists of 6 options after the 30 days for $30: Drop ins, 10 class packs, and memberships (4x per month, 8x per month, Unlimited, and Unlimited for 2+ in the same household). Moving forward with this really does feel simple, clear, equitable and like we’re moving forward in the emergence of our bigger vision!

Our new simplified pricing structure will be in full effect by August 1, 2019.

We commit to making yoga accessible.

As of August 1st, our new pricing rolls out, and this includes Shakti Scholarships.

We commit to giving you the support you ask for,

and we commit to not making you ‘prove’ yourself- we believe you.

We commit to experimentation, adaptation, and evolution when it comes to making our business work for us and you, together.

We commit to being in the continual work of listening to you, educating ourselves, and communicating clearly.