The Duality Project is a series of retreats that teach the tools for growth as a person through a facilitated series of movement, journaling and getting into the work that comes when you let yourself get vulnerable and uncomfortable.

Join Ruby Chandler and Kate Moore for a Heartfelt Retreat or The Leadership Retreat to experience a weekend of nourishment, mind, body and soul.

the heartfelt retreat

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May 24-26 & NOVember 22-24

Blue Ridge, GA

Join like-minded women for a weekend of gratitude, self-love, community and laughter.

Self-love and self-work is a practice that is never-ending, but continually gratifying. This will be a time for you to connect and rejuvenate with like-hearted people. Our goal is to provide you with the tools to come back to this work often and to deepen your understanding of and connection to your most authentic self with love and affection.

the leadership retreat


september 13-15

Nashville, TN

The leadership retreat is a weekend for leaders who are open and willing to grow.

Duality does not separate us, it makes us who we are. When we recognize this, we are able to powerfully hold space for each other with empathy and understanding. This leadership retreat is designed to get you honest, vulnerable and uncomfortable. You'll leave feeling empowered with a set of tools for continued growth and leadership.



SA 101 IRL Workshop Evergreen_IG.png

Nashville, TN

Coming October 2019

This 101 workshop is an opportunity to come together to have sacred and spiritual conversation about race and racism, acknowledge white privilege, prioritize POC voices and actively contribute to lasting, effective social change.

The evening includes:

  • curated discussion and education on anti-racism, internalized oppression and addressing whiteness/white supremacy,

  • brave space to share our hurts/struggles/frustration regarding race and gender,

  • intentional journalling + groupwork to unpack our blind spots,

  • transformative breathwork to release and let go, and

  • guided meditation to ground.

Open to all hue-mans, especially White folks wanting to learn how they can better support POCs, POCs seeking help healing internalized oppression and all those seeking spiritual tools + practices to assist in committing to anti-racism.