Megan Bodnar

Hugger / Spacious


“I am a lighthearted, passionate person who highly values genuine connections with people.”

2019 intention: Ease

Birthday:02/08 - aquarius

hometown: McMinnville, Tennessee

Current Fav Yoga Pose: Frog Pose- I love how it takes me out of my comfort zone

Fav Spot in Athens: The Trial Gardens on campus

the top 3: Gardening, seeing live music, and HUGging!

Yoga Music style: Both calming and energizing- it’ll make you want to practice yoga, read that book you’ve been meaning to, and connect with the community all at once!

Training: EmPower School of Yoga in Nashville, TN

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): hip hop flow

Why Athens: uga & athens feels homey


Blog: Let’s Talk About Periods, Woo!