annie marcum

instructor / irest angel / full-time yogi

"I love to practice yoga and spend time meditating, whether with my dogs or completely alone. I love connecting with people and fostering a space for open, nonjudgmental being. I feel lucky to be alive on this earth at this time!"

2019 intention: Sincere

Birthday: 09/5 - virgo

hometown: hamilton, ohio

Current Fav Yoga Pose: any and all- i love connection to breath

Fav Spot in Athens: ntramural Fields with my hubs and dogs.

the top 3: Walk my dogs, read, and road trips with my husband Jon

Yoga Music style: Heard but not distracting, just a nice addition to the sound of breath and connection to the rhythm of the body.

Trainings: Global Yoga Shala, iRest Institute, Yogaville, Asheville Yoga Center, Yoga Journal Conferences

Fav Shakti Class (to practice): power hour

Why Athens: I came to attend UGA because I visited and fell in love with Athens! When I graduated, I knew I couldn’t leave. Athens has been home for over a decade!


Blog: Non-Violent Communication: The Superpower We All Have

facebook: annie marcum yoga

instagram: @bannanniea